Friday, September 19, 2008

Sheep with Trout

Collage: Mixed media


Bo "I lost my scapula" Lamb

As far as I can remember objects have found their way into my pockets, backpack or purse. I am now 32 years old. However, fifteen years ago I was on one of my many outdoor adventures, hiking the mountains of Colorado. My pack was quite full and we were hiking the back country for serveral days but I was able to find a little spot in my pack for the bone you see in this collage. I imagine it was a sheep that either lost its way and died alone or simply fell sick. The bone had been there quite sometime because it was already picked clean, bleached from the sun and had some lichen on its surface. I kept it till now, dragging it from house to house, New Jersey, Connecticut, Baltimore and now Spain, knowing one day it would find its place.

Betsy "The Iron Sheep" Baaaa

Not too long ago I was at the Seville flee market (Charco de la Pava---Puddle of the Turkey?) and I came across the sheep. A man tried to convince me that the sheep was an ancient artifact. She sat among angels and other figurines. I decided it was due time that she came with me. She went baaa, in confirmation and was in my pocket for exchange of no more than 3 €.

Trout Matchbox

The trout matchbox was acquired after a long hard dig through a wet-from-the-rain cardboard box..During the dig, more than 20 of his friends ended up in a white plastic bag and now sit in my house waiting thier turn to act.

Pebbles Black

This pebble family find their way often into my work. A friend of mine brought them back from Chile. Probably making them the most travelled of my actors: Chile, The States, Spain.