Sunday, September 28, 2008

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Found objects as actors

For me the collection of found objects is a rather spiritual process. Without seeming creepy, I would like to say that objects seem to choose me and can often tell me where they prefer to be located in my pieces. Therefore, I have recently thought that it would not be correct to simply present my work without an explanation of the parts that comprise them. After all, I look at many of my assemblages and collages as if they were freeze frames of theatrical performances. A director would never put on a play without introducing the actors in a playbill so I too would like to introduce you to some of the actors in my work. In the next couple days keep your eyes peeled for my discriptions and stories.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Match box duality

Collage: Mixed media

A love haiku

arise pheonix
from cinnamon ash, divine
crimson-gold embrace

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Roof tiles with ethnic patterns

Terracota roof tiles painted with oxides and low fired

Abstract bicycle

Gouache, ink, cante and pastels on paper.

Organised time

Ceramic with oxides, watch pieces, copper wire and ink
All characters in this time skit are from the Madrid Rastro Market. One stand had a plethera of watch pieces. I sat there for about a half hour auditioning possible actors.
The Star Performers
Mr. Wound Too Tight:
It was not until I started truly working with Mr. Wound Too Tight that I got to know him better. As I "dissected" him, I triggered other time systems to be put in motion. By just removing his cover and pulling on a spring I set off all other parts whirling. At first it scared me because I was not expecting him to be so lively but then I thought of it as a type of a tickle game: pull here and his other parts would spin.
Pepita Piece O' Time:
She has been in a long showing broadway performance called "Life on the Arm of Pepita". She then played lead in "Heirloom of the Family". She did some time in a jewlery box for a while and was finally found by a watch piece merchant under the bed of Juana. Her life still remains a bit of an enigma and only can keep us guessing what really transpired while she was in the jewlery box and under Juana's bed. She refuses to speak about that phase of her life.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Sheep with Trout

Collage: Mixed media


Bo "I lost my scapula" Lamb

As far as I can remember objects have found their way into my pockets, backpack or purse. I am now 32 years old. However, fifteen years ago I was on one of my many outdoor adventures, hiking the mountains of Colorado. My pack was quite full and we were hiking the back country for serveral days but I was able to find a little spot in my pack for the bone you see in this collage. I imagine it was a sheep that either lost its way and died alone or simply fell sick. The bone had been there quite sometime because it was already picked clean, bleached from the sun and had some lichen on its surface. I kept it till now, dragging it from house to house, New Jersey, Connecticut, Baltimore and now Spain, knowing one day it would find its place.

Betsy "The Iron Sheep" Baaaa

Not too long ago I was at the Seville flee market (Charco de la Pava---Puddle of the Turkey?) and I came across the sheep. A man tried to convince me that the sheep was an ancient artifact. She sat among angels and other figurines. I decided it was due time that she came with me. She went baaa, in confirmation and was in my pocket for exchange of no more than 3 €.

Trout Matchbox

The trout matchbox was acquired after a long hard dig through a wet-from-the-rain cardboard box..During the dig, more than 20 of his friends ended up in a white plastic bag and now sit in my house waiting thier turn to act.

Pebbles Black

This pebble family find their way often into my work. A friend of mine brought them back from Chile. Probably making them the most travelled of my actors: Chile, The States, Spain.


Collage: Mixed media

A balance in measure

Collage: Mixed media

The Invincible White Owl Performance

Collage: Mixed media and found objects.

Bowl with fish

Ceramic: low fire with oxides, glaze and crushed marbles
A one fish show....
Mr. Dipsie Gillespie Fish:
In the flee market there is a man who sells lead molds to make your own dipsies. This little fish was molded from one of these dipsie molds. We like to tell him, "When you were made the mold was broken." We dont have the heart to tell him the truth, he is one in a million, a million just like him. At least he is on a bowl and doesn't swim with the fishes. That's what I would tell him if he found out the truth.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008