Saturday, September 20, 2008

Organised time

Ceramic with oxides, watch pieces, copper wire and ink
All characters in this time skit are from the Madrid Rastro Market. One stand had a plethera of watch pieces. I sat there for about a half hour auditioning possible actors.
The Star Performers
Mr. Wound Too Tight:
It was not until I started truly working with Mr. Wound Too Tight that I got to know him better. As I "dissected" him, I triggered other time systems to be put in motion. By just removing his cover and pulling on a spring I set off all other parts whirling. At first it scared me because I was not expecting him to be so lively but then I thought of it as a type of a tickle game: pull here and his other parts would spin.
Pepita Piece O' Time:
She has been in a long showing broadway performance called "Life on the Arm of Pepita". She then played lead in "Heirloom of the Family". She did some time in a jewlery box for a while and was finally found by a watch piece merchant under the bed of Juana. Her life still remains a bit of an enigma and only can keep us guessing what really transpired while she was in the jewlery box and under Juana's bed. She refuses to speak about that phase of her life.